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Airbnb/Holiday Rental Interior Design Secrets

There’s one, sure-fire way to max out the bookings on your private holiday rental, whether it’s Airbnb or the more traditional apartment or cottage.


And that’s by ensuring your place has the kind of Insta-worthy décor that not only makes people feel excited about staying there, but makes them itch to put it on social media, to show everyone where they’ve been.

If the accommodation looks cheap or tired on the webpage, it’s not going to attract the kind of people willing to pay top dollar to stay with you. And if it looks good but they discover it’s uncomfortable or awkward when they get there, it could result in grim ratings.


The way your holiday rental looks is especially important if you want it to appeal to Airbnb-ers, who tend to be younger, more style conscious and keener to enjoy an authentic experience when they come to stay.


For them, where they stay is a base from which they can explore a new neighbourhood or enjoy (for even the briefest time) a different lifestyle, whether it’s beach living or a bit of urban cool.


In short they’re looking for a boutique experience and if you’re the one that’s providing it best in your area, they’ll let everyone else know.


With reports suggesting the average Airbnb host made around £3,000 in 2017  – many of them for just renting out a room or annexe in their home - you can see how lucrative it can be. Rent out an entire property and the gains can be thousands more.


There’s plenty of excellent advice on the internet for those who want to take their holiday accommodation to the next level. But, if you’re making over or upgrading an entire property you don’t want to make expensive mistakes, such as over-personalising, ordering furniture that’s too big for the entry-points, or choosing colours or furnishings that simply don’t work.


You can sort it all yourself. Or you can pay for a traditional design service from a company like mine, Coral Interiors, with full project management. 


But I’m finding that more and more people are asking me to help them do the research, edit their choices and point them in the right direction of what to buy for each part of their holiday rental, leaving them confident enough to oversee the rest themselves.


Which is why I‘m launching a brand new service for 2019 to help holiday home owners maximise their ROI with great design and that elusive wow factor.


As a designer I’ll ask the right questions to ensure we know exactly what you want from you Airbnb or holiday cottage or apartment. Who’s going to be using it - couples or friends staying for one night before flying off from the airport? People who’ve travelled down for a concert or festival? Or a family looking to enjoy a complete lifestyle change for a week or a fortnight?


The answers to these questions will dictate the type of décor, furnishings, even the colours that I’ll recommend you use. Clients will get an easy-to-follow room design plan plus details of where to buy everything they need. I can also recommend tradespeople to do all the practical side.


I know how to ensure that every pound you spend works hardest for you where it’s needed most and that you’ll be able to watch your holiday rental or Airbnb room or property soar to the next level in length of bookings and the price you can charge.


If you’d like more information or to discover more, contact me on 07784 469 334..


And, in the meantime, here are three major DON’Ts for your holiday home. How many are you guilty of?!


1. Uncomfortable bed. Everyone remembers a rubbish night’s sleep. So make sure all your beds have comfortable mattresses, high threadcount bedlinen and a strong, preferably upholstered headboard. Guests like nothing more than sitting in bed, reading or checking out great places to visit on their iPhone. A sumptuous headboard will make them feel that much more appreciated and cared for.

2. Irritating bathroom. There’s nothing worse than a feeble-flushing loo, a dribbly shower, or a mean little basin with nowhere to put your cleanser or your other half’s shaving brush. People need to feel spoiled when they are away. Or, if they come from a beautiful home anyway, they want something at least as nice when they are away from it.

3. Dark leather sofa. Yes, it IS easy to clean and doesn’t show the marks. But they also look terrible in photos. So choose a sofa with slipcovers you can take off and wash, preferably in a hard-wearing fabric like denim or linen. And make sure they aren’t of the roll-arm variety or with giant, bulging cushions that need constant plumping. Straight-sided arms will leave you with more room, making the space look bigger and its lines cleaner.


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