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Autumn / Winter 2017 Interior Design Trends

Get cosy AND stay stylish for AW17 with some of these fabulous trends...

Layer Contrasting Textures  

Snuggle down as the chillier months roll in with quilts, faux sheepskin rugs, floor cushions, custom upholstered headboards, velvet throws and other plush strokable textures taking a starring role in homes across the country. Don't be afraid to mix textures - think satin, velvet, textured chunky weaves and the silkiest softest faux fur.


Handmade Goods & Chunky Knits

Chunky knits and handmade goods are back in fashion and a great way to add texture and interest to your home. Habitat’s handmade knitted pouffes ( are not only trendy, but can act as an extra seat for guests and visiting children.


Take An Offline Retreat

You don't need to spend a fortune and fly out to Bali to get some down time. Just take time out in nature, (without your phone!). Reconnect with family, friends and your pets by gettting out in the woods or parkland, kick some leaves about and breathe in the zingy fresh air. Then come back home to unwind and relax in your own cozy tech-free retreat. No alarm clock, just cocoon yourself by surrounding your sleeping space with canopies or lace curtains, hang up a hammock and layer with quilts or place a comfy chair into a corner to create a reading corner. Bliss!


Fabulous Fires

Instead of harsh overhead lighting consider lighting a fire this winter, not only will it keep you warm, but it will create an intimate, homely atmosphere and makes a great focal point. Candles in hurricane lanterns, or even LED flickering effect candles or fairy lights will really create that cosiness and relaxation we crave. Upgrade your hearth with a statement fireguard from



Vintage items, particularly from the 1920’s, will be big this season. Try incorporating statement vintage tiles, a vintage globe, maps, suitcases, or a 1920’s drinks cabinet. ​Visit  for inspiration, or visit your nearest antiques or flea market, and bring something with its own story into your life.


Winter Colours

Winter-morning greys, blush pink, dark green and rich brown… this year’s Autumn / Winter colour palette is perfect for creating a sense of luxury, especially when paired with plush fabrics.


Room Divider Screens

Originally from in China, folding screens first became popular in Europe in the 18th century as a decorative privacy screen in ladies’ dressing rooms. Today, folding screens are also used as a temporary means to divide open-plan rooms and as a backdrop for furniture. Perfect for creating an initmate cosy corner, try or .    



Metallic finishes continue to be on trend this year, with brass taking the top spot. It’s warm hue and vintage retro look ties in nicely with other autumn / winter trends. Brass can be found on lighting, mirrors, tables, dressers, vases and terrariums. Combine it with dark or desaturated hues, marble, concrete or terrazzo.



Tartan is back on the style agenda in both the fashion and interior design world this autumn. This classic highland print works great on cushions, throws, blankets, furniture and bedding to give your room a traditional feel. Shop at for high quality tartan textiles.



Similar to vintage, but with an injection of colour, folk style can really transform a room. This trend also works well in an eclectic environment alongside homemade and crafted objects. Pair with dark woods, knitted items, contrasting textiles and upcycled furniture.


Art Deco

Known for bold, geometric designs, Art Deco (Arts Décoratifs) pieces will elevate any space. In need of a focal point? Try incorporating an Art Deco ceiling light into your space.

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