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17 Ways to Maximise Space

Small spaces can be a creative design challenge so it well worth putting extra time into planning your layout and furniture in advance. At Coral Interiors, we want to help you make the most of your home and create an environment you love so we have put together a few tips on how to maximise your space and get around those tricky storage problems.

1.     Open Up

If you have limited space and want to create flow try opening up and widening doorways or even taking down walls. If you don’t want to spend the money try removing the doors instead. This will mean that the rooms feel larger, get more light, improve sightlines and flow better. Draw the eye from one room to the next by placing focal points at the furthest points, paying attention to sightlines.

2.     Built-in Furniture

Custom made fitted furniture will help you maximise your storage space whilst dealing with challenging dimensions.

3.     Utilise Unused Space

Install extra storage under stairs or purchase furniture with hidden storage space to help declutter your home. If you are really struggling for space in the bedroom, consider an elevated platform bed which will allow you to store clothing and other items underneath.

Make space by adding stick on hooks, pockets and baskets on the back of your bathroom vanities, drawers and linen closets to store bottles and other items. You could even install a hidden draw in a floating shelf.

-        Here are a few hidden storage ideas:

-        Sports hinged upholstered headboard panel storage

-        Embedded wall cabinet hidden by a framed artwork

-        Bathtub tilt-out storage

-        Pop-top coffee table

-        Tilt-out trash can cabinet

-        Under seat compartment

-        Slide top side table for remote controls

-        Sliding spice rack behind fridge

       4.     Windows

Large windows give the illusion of more space and help to bring the outside in. Where possible, leave windows uncovered or use blinds. Curtains take up more room and can make a space seem smaller, however, this effect can be minimised if the curtains are the same colour as the wall.

      5.     Low Furniture

Low streamline furniture makes a room feel taller and more spacious, particularly if you already have a low ceiling or exposed beams. Views from one end of a room to another or out a window will also be less interrupted. If you go for low furniture balance the space with wall decor that goes from low to high such as vertical shelving and large scale artwork.

6.     Show Some Leg

Use furniture with exposed legs so that some of the flooring beneath is visible to create a sense of light and space.

7.     Furniture Placement

Keep furniture away from the walls to create the illusion of spaciousness. Even an inch or so will help open up an area.

8.     High Ceiling

If your ceiling looks higher, the room will appear bigger. Consider flush mounted lights, vertical displays, up-lighting, diagonal lines and subtle vertical panelling to draw the eye upwards.

      If your ceiling is already naturally high you could add a loft bedroom or storage area with a ladder.

9.     Spread Light

Opt for multiple lights rather than a single overhead light to make a space appear larger.

10.  Light Colours

Light colours reflect light, making a room feel airy. For maximum effect, choose multiple shades of the same colour.

11.  Creative Shelving

Shelving is a great way to fill an awkward shaped space and add interest to a room. Build shelving above a door, around a doorway, over a staircase or near the ceiling to draw the eye upwards.

12.  Sliding Doors

Its best to decide door, window and furniture placement early on in any project to save time, money and stress. Consider the flow of the room and the ‘pathways’ from one place to another. If furniture is obstructing a doorway it may be smart to install a sliding door or rearrange the furniture.

13.  Fold Out Tables

If you occasionally need a table or desk, but don’t really have the room a wall mounted fold out table that can double as a wall shelf when not in use might be the solution. They can also be a great addition to a kitchen as worktop space.

      14.  Deep Baths

No space for a full-length tub? Japanese bathtubs are shorter and deeper than the traditional bath and perfect for small bathrooms. Check out for Japanese inspired bathtubs manufactured in the UK.

      15.  Vertical Lines

Vertical lines on clothing are known to make a person appear taller and the same goes for rooms. Whether you go bold or subtle, orient the lines so they travel the length of the room.

16.  Smooth & Simple

Where possible avoid unnecessary architectural detail such as skirting boards, cornices and so on which interrupt smooth lines. Painting the trim and the walls the same colour will help draw the eye upwards as it will not be interrupted by the colour change.

      17.  Decorations

Avoid purchasing lots of small accessories in statement colours, instead choose a few large ones. This will prevent the room from feeling crowded.

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