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10 Benefits of Plantation Window Shutters

There are 3 main ways of dressing your windows and controlling light and privacy - curtains, blinds and shutters (sometimes called 'plantation shutters'). 

Images courtesy of Just Shutters photographer: Roger Dyson

At Coral Interiors we’ll always work with you to offer the best solution for your home and lifestyle. We adore beautiful curtains and Roman blinds and design many schemes around stunning fabrics, but shutters can be an excellent solution in many cases.

Here are 10 reasons to consider shutters for your home

1. Versatility - shutters are custom made to fit your windows perfectly. This is a huge benefit for unusual shaped or sized windows, where curtains or blinds would look odd. Whether you have arched, triangular, very tall or thin windows or even portholes, shutters can usually be made to fit. Shutters follow the shape of your window and emphasise rather than detract from them. Why cover up unusual windows with plain old curtains?

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2. ​​​Light control - with curtains and Roman blinds, you’ve really got only 2 options - fully open or fully closed. If you need to control light you don’t want to be drawing your curtains or raising and lowering your blinds as the sun moves round. In a south facing room, especially one with a TV or computer screen strong sunshine can sometimes be a pain to manage. Shutters allow you to filter light by angling the louvres the right way and opening or closing individual panels to allow the light to flow in when you want it to and soften it of block it out as needed. 

3. Draughts and insulation - shutters when closed offer a near-solid barrier against draughts and also insulate against extreme cold or heat. This can have a very positive effect on your energy bills and comfort of your home.

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4. Privacy - much as you can control light and sun entering your room, you can increase your privacy and security by tilting your louvres. With tall windows you may just want to stop the casual glances into your living room from passersby or block an ugly view of passing buses. Shutters can be fitted in two or more tiers, so you can still see blue sky, but not the hordes of school kids on their way home past your windows.

5. Hygiene and allergies - shutters unlike curtains and blinds are easy to keep clean. We vacuum our carpets and hard floors, but forget that soft furnishings are constantly trapping and holding onto dust, this can really be a problem for asthmatics and allergy suffers. Shutters are easily cleaned with an anti-static cloth, preventing dust and particles from traffic pollution building up in your home. 

6. Sound insulation - just as they insulate against heat and light, you can also reduce traffic noise or other irritation with shutters

7. Practical and robust - Perfect for warm and humid spaces such as south facing windows, bathrooms and kitchens. Shutters perform well where more delicate fabrics would go mouldy, fade or perish.

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8. Attractiveness and kerb appeal  - Did you know that along with electric gates and luxury 4x4’s shutters are a key indicator of an area on the up (or one that’s arrived). They are likely to pay for themselves several times over when it comes to selling as they are sold with the house, and will be very attractive to prospective buyers “Gates + Shutters + 4x4’s = Next place to buy”, Sunday Times Jan 11 2015).

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9. Return on investment - Shutters usually come with a long guaratnee and are made to last for decades, offering a timeless look which is very unlikely to date. 

10. Enduring appeal - Shutters also suit most styles and ages of building, from grand Georgian windows to 1930s or contemporary homes with bay windows.  They coordinate well with all types of decor, and unlike curtains or Romans, you don’t have to replace them when you want to redecorate.

Images courtesy of Just Shutters photographer: Roger Dyson

Get in touch - whether you like the idea of shutters, or want to update your home with new curtains or blinds, get in touch with us at Coral Interiors. We'd love to help!

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