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The Sofas and Stuff guide to choosing family friendly furniture:

Hello lovely Coral Interiors readers! We are big fans of Helen and her work and were really very flattered to be asked to write a little blog to share with you all.

Before we begin, let us introduce ourselves.

Hi, we’re Sofas and Stuff! We have years and years of sofa surfing experience so trust us when we say that we know exactly what it takes to design a sofa that is built to last, no matter what life (or children) throw at it!

Cream corner sofa



The perfect family sofa has got to be one that is big and squashy. We love corner sofas for their flexible seating and ability to add instant warmth and cosiness to a room. It is a common misconception that corner sofas need to be a) in a corner or b) in a big room. Smaller corner sofas are an option but we don’t really see anything wrong with your whole living room being taken up with sofa! Sofas are also great for dividing up larger rooms into usable areas. Our Big Softie sofa fits the bill for most families and comes in a huge range of sizes.

A challenge we face on an almost daily basis is to find fabrics that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of family life. Whether that challenge comes from your sticky-fingered little darlings, a love ofentertaining or from our furry little friends, a hardwearing fabric is an essential for a sofa that will last through the ups and downs of family life and for making sure your sofa looks gorgeous for as long as possible.



On trend velvet sofas would’ve been a big no-no just a few years ago but with the introduction of smart fabrics like stain resistant velvets, there is no excuse for a look that isn’t oozing glamour. Choose between a crushed look, or a lavish long pile velvet like our Matlock sofa in Portland Velvet. Either way your home will have an opulent feel with a touch of grandmotherly charm in no time.


Blue Chesterfield Sofa



And now for something equally tactile, wool is one of our favourite fabrics and a bit of a natural wonder too. Not only is it thermo-regulating, it is also naturally stain and fire resistant – no nasty chemicals here! We LOVE Harris Tweed and can’t get enough of it on a traditional chesterfield sofa, like our Ronaldsay. The good old Chesterfield is another firm family fave with us due to them usually having a fixed back. The fewer cushions there are for children to remove and use for den making/trampoline building, happier the mums and dads are.


Liberty Print Sofa


A fabric sofa with a pattern has it’s own defense mechanism against any potential accidents. Choose a random pattern that can trick the eye into thinking everything is fine! Pick a pattern with a mix of colours for double the benefit. Sofas don’t come much more up for this challenge than the Chiddingfold sofa in Liberty Patricia Spice.


No matter how practical your fabric is, after a little while you may feel like your sofa needs a bit of a spruce, we would recommend a good steam clean in-situ but always make sure you use a professional – if the temperature or technique isn’t just right you may be in for a nasty shock. As we all know, prevention is better than cure and for any potential catastrophes, we offer a cleaning and repair service that ensures your sofa won’t need to be afraid of a bolognaise eating child or red wine wielding parent!


 We hope we have managed to prevent some sad sofa situations and all that is left to say is a big thank you to Coral Interiors for having us, and an even bigger thank you to you for reading. We hope to see you in one of our showrooms very soon to design your own perfect family sofa.

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