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How to choose and display art in your home

Clients often tell me that they find it tricky to choose and display art in their home. Whether you like photography, art prints, canvas prints, gallery walls, old masters or contemporary abstract prints, your taste in art  is a very personal thing, but it needs to work with your home.  

And after you’ve chosen it there’s a lot to think about when it comes to framing, mounting, and hanging it, too. Here are 3 quick tips to displaying art:

Create a collection: Scale is really important when hanging art, so if you have smaller prints or pictures you’d like to hang, consider grouping them together, where they’ll have more visual impact. Theming is important too - whether your art or photos are of a similar subject, colour scheme or all in black frames, aim for a well-considered look. And don’t forget your own photos, can make a fantastic and unique gallery wall up your stairs or in your hallway. Have your favourite family photos or travel snaps professionally printed, mounted and framed and you’ll smile every time you’re reminded of that family holiday or wedding.

Make a statement  - Art can bring colour, personality and drama to a room. For a contemporary  room with white walls, a large zingy abstract print in bright swooshes of colour can really energise you and the room. Or opt for pop art or a funky original from an up and coming artist. Think about the mood and energy level of the room. A kitchen is generally a dynamic, lively room so don’t be  afraid to go for it and coordinate with your kitchen cupboards or worktop.

Create a vista - in a room with small windows or little natural light, choose a large print of a uplifting or dramatic view - a landscape, seascape or rooftop view of your favourite city or landmark. You’ll visually create a ‘window’ in the space and set a mood for daydreaming or relaxation. This works well for bedrooms or a quiet sitting room.

Bonus tips - 

Be careful about hanging art too high, it makes a room feel off balance. The centre of the picture should be about eye level or 5 foot, or lower if over a seating area.

You don’t always need to drill a hole, these days, for smaller or lightweight prints, check out your DIY shop for velcro fixings, which are damage-free and can be adjusted easily to get the picture totally level.

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