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5 Ways to Sell Your House For More - FAST!


You could just put a ‘For Sale’ board up and hope for the best, but to really take control of the whole process and move your sale – and your life – forward, it pays to do your homework…

A well presented home will sell for around 10% more than a less appealing one down the road.

Step 1 – How to sell your house fast – Clean and de-personalise

Cleaning really should go without saying, but it's worth getting a thorough deep clean done by professional cleaning company. They will buff up your floor, de-grime your kitchen and bathroom and tend to those hard to reach cobwebs. Once your house is gleaming and fresh remove all those personal photos and holiday souvenirs that show your personality and taste. It's time to mentally move on, and show your home as more of a blank canvas for potential buyers to make their own.

Step 2 – How to sell your house fast – Streamline and declutter

Ok, you know all about this, you need to tidy up, of course, to sell, but don't just shove everything in cupboards before viewings..your viewers don’t want an avalanche when they open the wardrobe doors..

Go round each room of the house and take a good look at what’s in it. If you can manage without it for the next few months, whether it’s clothes, books, DVDs, shoe or your vinyl collection – start to pack it away so that you’re ready for your move and your home looks spacious and open.

The golden rule is to keep as much off your tables, shelves, kitchen worktops (and of course, the floor!) as possible.

(If you’re used to a lot of ornaments or a very busy family kitchen your idea of being streamlined might be very different to your buyers, so if in doubt, remove a couple more items).

In the kitchen, just have your kettle, toaster and some nice storage jars and plants on display, anything more will can seem as though you’ve run out of space, putting big doubts in buyers’ minds.

Step 3 – How to sell your house fast – Get some kerb appeal

People will often drive around neighbourhoods they like, look for sale boards, or they’ll do a ‘drive-by’ before a viewing to have a look at the outside of the house.

These are very positive signs from buyers and a great opportunity for you, the seller.

Really take a long hard look at your house, either from over the road, or from the estate agents’ photos.

  • Is the front door gleaming?
  • Are the windows shining?
  • Are there plenty of healthy plants and flowers around the door and front garden?
  • Is the driveway cleaned and ideally empty? (It's always a good idea to remove your car, caravan and boat from the driveway for the photos and any viewings).
  • Oil the squeaky front gate or get the door planed if it’s stiff to open.

These little things will all jar with your potential buyers and mar that all-important first impression.

Step 4 – How to sell your house fast – Maximise the Light and Space

Along with decluttering and streamlining your possessions - can your windows be visually de-cluttered? Do you have voiles or nets at the windows? They can create gloom where it's not needed. Even if you feel you need them for privacy or to filter  strong sunlight, for viewings and photos, remove them, or push them back to let the light in. The same goes for blinds and shutters, pull them up and out of the way to show how light and bright your home is.

Are you curtains obscuring the windows more than they need to? Do you have heavy swags and tails covering the top and side of the window? Swags and tails are perfect for the scale of very large, grand windows, but in the typical British home can make the windows seem smaller and the room darker. 

Step 5 – How to sell your house fast – Go for the 'Show Home' Look

I know, it’s your home and they should 'take it as they find it', or 'use their imagination', the buyers are buying your house, after all, not your furniture and possessions…

However, buying a house is an emotional experience, wrapped up with our sense of identity, our dreams and how we want to live our life.

We are usually looking to buy somewhere in a better location, or with more space, or just plain ‘nicer’ than where we currently live.

You can’t change the location or size of your house, but you can certainly make it as desirable as possible.

Brand new homes are often sold as ‘Show Homes’, and your house may well be competing with an expertly designed show home nearby. Developers create as luxurious a feel as possible, and create interest and beauty with colour, light, texture and even scent, to really entice potential buyers. Add new cushions, new bedlinen and throws on your bed and sofa, and if you are planning to replace your furniture when you move, think about buying it now and helping your current home sell for more.

If you're short on time and energy you can always get a professional house doctor or Home Stager.. Call Helen at Coral Interiors on 01202 798 837 or

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