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Bedroom Transformation - Guest blog by Jo Chinery of Tick Tock Interiors

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Everyone’s idea of what is good interior design is, is different. Sometimes you can walk in to a room that is clean, well-decorated with a coordinating colour scheme. Nothing clashes. The furniture is arranged to make good use of the space. You might even quite like the wall art the homeowner has chosen. But it lacks something. That character. That je ne sais quoi. If you’ve ever bought a home that had rooms that, whilst nice, are not really you, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As homeowners, we want our living spaces to say something about us. What we like, our favourite colours, whether we prefer rustic country over sleek and contemporary. So it goes without saying that it’s only really possible to achieve this by starting again. Whether you DIY or hire an expert in interior design, the aim is to end up with a space that is perfectly you. This is exactly the dilemna faced by a couple in their mid-thirties who had bought a lovely old Victorian house built in 1884. They had a guest room that they wanted to make really warm and inviting whilst injecting a little bit of fun and surprise. Here’s what it looked like before:

As you can see, there’s nothing awful about this room. There’s lots of white and lots of blue giving it a clean feel. The problem was that the owners don’t particularly like blue. And the room felt a little cold and clinical. So we set about injecting some warmth and colour in to the room.

Check this out for a transformation:

Pretty different! Here we warmed up the room with a beige-white wall colour that gave softer feel and then created a feature wall behind the bed. The feature wall is made by individual squares of thick decoupage paper painstakingly added one by one and then framed with wooden picture rail either side. This was the most time consuming task in this design, but we think it was worth it!

This bedding is from Emma Bridgewater in her classic polka dot design. The cushion is from George Home. Interior design doesn’t always have to be expensive! The bed was the owner’s existing bed, but it was re-sprayed with gold paint to give a two-tone chrome/gold look to help it coordinate with both the existing gold ceiling spotlights and the chrome bedside lamps. A clever technique to make mis-matching metals co-exist in harmony.

This pine chest of drawers was the owner’s existing that we upcycled by painting with chalk paint, stencilling and distressing. It looks like a completely different piece of furniture. We did the same with the little bedside table and the wardrobe.

This Queen Anne chair was one of my favourite ever finds. These usually retail for anything between £200-500. This one was sourced on ebay for just £25! It had been sat in someone’s spare room and hardly used. What a bargain! Here I am in the picture being a cushion perfectionist ;-)

So now all the furniture was in place it was time for my favourite part, accessorising and styling:

Some classic novels piled up on the window sill added interest to a blank space.

A bird cage containing a pot of pot pourii.

Wall decals are not just for walls!

This little chappy sits on top of the wardrobe and is complemented by the cherry blossom wall decal behind. He’s made of recycled magazines. 
I’m pleased to say that the homeowners were thrilled with the final result and everyone who enters their guest room comments on what a lovely room is it. This has definitely been one of my favourite interior design projects to date.

Lots of love,
Jo xx

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Photography by Pete Teichner at

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