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Home Staging - Frequently Asked Questions

Home staging has a proven track record in the United States and Australia, but is not so widely used yet in the UK. If you are not sure why you should stage or what’s involved, read on!

Q. I need to sell my house or flat quickly – would home staging help?

A. Almost certainly! Staging or property presentation takes a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty out of selling. We review your home in detail, considering the value of your home, the target market, and the current condition and presentation of your home. We then provide you with the information you need to go away and make the changes yourself, or we take care of the process for you. We know from experience that a little bit of effort and money invested (ideally before you go on the market) can make a huge difference. The statistics (ASP® Home Staging) show that *staged homes are sold 83% quicker than non-staged ones AND sell for 6-10% more*__ than if they weren’t staged. You could be leaving tens of thousands on the table if you don’t stage!

Q. I don’t want the hassle of redecorating and tidying up. My home will sell anyway.

A. Maybe it will, but it will likely take a lot longer and sell for less than you might otherwise make. You can of course ‘test the market’ first, but we’d always suggest it’s better to go on the market fresh and make the best possible first impression.

Q. What’s the difference between home staging and interior design?

A. Home staging is about spending as little money and time as possible to get the best result. This is designing with your target buyer in mind. If you are downsizing from a 5 bedroom home, and your children have left home, your home may need a bit of tweaking to appeal to a couple with young children. Interior design on the other hand, revolves around your taste and your requirements, and so there is a different approach.

Q. Will I have to buy lots of furniture and redecorate to sell my home?

A. Every home is different and if your home is empty or under-furnished, then we’ll recommend hiring furniture and purchasing smaller, cheaper accessories to ‘create a lifestyle’. As far as possible we focus on working with what you already have – perhaps re-arranging furniture, streamlining the look of your house and adding decorative touches to appeal to your buyers. Some redecoration may also be required, but we will never suggest something we don’t feel is absolutely necessary. And don’t forget, anything you buy can be taken to your new home.

Q. How do I know I will make my money back from staging?

A. This is a fairly simple equation – we suggest an investment of no more than 1-2% of a home’s value on Staging. Much of this will be items you can keep to move with you. But consider how much money you could be wasting in extra mortgage payments each month, while you try and sell. Maybe you go on the market just before a quiet period like Christmas, and that time of year with few viewings could be much better used making your house look amazing for launch in January. 
If you are asked to drop the price, ask yourself how low would you go – 5%, 10%? Staged properties generally achieve 6-10% than un-staged properties and sell 50% faster.

Q. Are there any other benefits to home staging?

A. A key one is that it will help all the occupants of the house get mentally prepared to move. You may have mixed emotions at the thought of moving on, but by starting to physically pack and declutter if required, it starts to become real. You will inevitably feel calmer and more relaxed when your home has been staged and it will be a more pleasant place to live for the last few weeks or months. You can then start afresh in your new home with a new way of living!

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