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Update your home for Spring - Without breaking the bank!

Want to revamp your home for spring? Get the low-down on the low-cost ways to enhance or makeover your home.

1. Accessories are your friend – If you have some ornaments you don’t love re-gift them to make room for something that makes your heart sing. Or better yet, take them to a charity shop or thrift store and find something you love in there instead! It’s easy to find some pretty glassware, ceramics, a print or storage container to put some zing back into your room. Play about with your bookcase or mantelpiece displays (more tips coming on a blog post soon) and go for symmetry and order, or cluster interesting items together to create a little tableau.

2. Add Some Colour Pops – if your kettle is on the blink or your toaster has had a meltdown, check out latest models in bold accent colours like red, turquoise, or yellow, instead of a safe cream, or white. Those kitchen items that are always out on display need to ‘work it’ (girlfriend!) on the worktop so make them stand out – choose an eye catching shape, finish or colour.

3. Pimp your Cushions – if your cushions are a bit tatty, (has the dog been ravishing them again?) either replace the inner pad if it’s gone flat and the cover just needs a wash, or if you have plump feather or down pads, but the cover is torn up, no need to buy the whole cushion, just replace the cover. H&M have funky cushion covers from just £3.99.

4. Start a gallery – there is absolutely no limit on your imagination here. A collection of images with some sort of theme can make a wonderful focal point, or cheer up a drab stairwell. Print off some of your favourite instagram images, or one of the thousands of pictures on your phone or computer that you have never got round to printing. Put some funky retro or black and white filter over the top and print them out, minimum 5”x7”. Photo frames don’t have to match, again, find them in charity shops, ebay, high street shops and gather a collection together. Not only will they create visual interest, but you’ll smile every time you recall that day on the beach in Cornwall.

5. Wall stickers – they may sound a bit tacky (ahem!), but are an incredible, cheap and high impact way to update an expanse of wall. Stick a Banksy up in your hallway, create a forest in your front room, have a flock of birds flying over your fireplace, or create an enchanted kingdom in your child’s room. And the best bit? They can be peeled off without damaging your paintwork! Check out,, or ebay for ideas.

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