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New Ikea BRÅKIG Collection

When Ikea launched this new accessories and furniture collection I was more excited than I really ought to have been. I confess that being in my mid (ok, late) thirties I have shied away from Ikea’s giant blue boxes for several years. The trauma of being stuck there for 4 hours when we had to start back at the beginning having lost our shopping list, really put me off. I remember the visits in the 90s which would start with high hopes, until we lost the will to live, leaving only with a multipack of kitchen scissors and a few tea towels, that I could easily and far more quickly picked up in the high street. (Wouldn’t it be great if Ikea had small, city centre ‘Express’ branches, where you can order your furniture for delivery and pick up all those small cheap and cheerful finishing touches..?)

Let’s just say, I’ve not been an Ikea regular for some years.

So why did I find myself hot-footing it to the nearest Ikea the other day? I saw a couple of blog postings about the new range and wow, did those colours and geometric prints brighten up a February day! The words ‘Limited Edition’ I’m afraid to say, left me babbling to my OH about why I had to go to Ikea that very evening after work. Yes, the collection’s brilliance had sucked me in!

This collaboration with Artrebels is retro, colourful, youthful, peppy and very on trend. I snapped up a couple of cup and saucer sets, 4 trays of different sizes and prints and some other funky loveliness and will be styling them for this blog very soon.

I am also moving house soon and am thinking those pastel chairs could look very sweet with dark grey walls and a chunky wooden dining table. I may even experiment with the wallpaper or cushions. There’s something pleasingly reminiscent of gorgeous papercraft or stationery that I find so uplifting and appealing, but I will be patient.. ‘Limited Edition’ is a relative concept!

What do you think? Would some pops of colour and zesty geometric prints cheer up your home for spring?

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