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Wow Factor Walls

There is a little snobbery within the Interior Design world, with many saying feature walls are out of fashion, or a little passe.

Like the fashion industry, interior design relies on change, newness and innovation (although on a longer cycle). But really I’m going to stick my neck out and say that feature walls are hanging around a while longer.


Insider Secrets from a Professional Home Buyer

Are you considering getting into the property market this year..? a little prior knowledge can help you through the property maze.


Bedroom Transformation - Guest blog by Jo Chinery of Tick Tock Interiors

A Bright and Cheerful Bedroom Makeover - Guest Blog by Jo Chinery of Tick Tock Interiors, Newport, S. Wales.


5 Ways to Sell Your House For More - FAST!

You could just put a ‘For Sale’ board up and hope for the best, but to really take control of the whole process and move your sale - and your life - forward, it pays to do your homework…


A Home Office from Heaven - Guest Blog from Jon Buck, Managing Director of Borderworks

Home offices can range wildly from a grand and imposing room to a tiny, draughty space in the hall with kids and dogs running past every five minutes. The chances are that your own home office sits somewhere in-between these two extremes.


Why 'Testing the Market' Is a Bad Idea

If you’re serious about selling, but your home is more ‘Old Kent Road’ than ‘Park Lane’, (see my Home Staging Hitlist here) it’s a bad idea to ‘test the market’ without any preparation…how do you avoid your home being ‘left on the shelf’?


Less is definitely NOT more when it comes to selling a new build.

Empty rooms, echoes and the smell of Dulux Trade emulsion will not wow your buyers.


Update your Home for Autumn

Time to wrap your home up nice and warm for the new season


How to Decorate your Home like a Boutique hotel

You know that feeling when you’re shown to your room in a beautiful hotel and you just sigh inwardly and think "Yes,this is how I want to live every day!’ You CAN recreate that sense of order, luxury and calm in your own home. Here’s how..