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About Coral. Who we are

Coral Interiors - Interior design is about people, not spaces”.

Everyone wants a home that’s right for them which is why homes are as individual as the people who live in them.

We know our clients are just like us; busy, hard-working professionals who need to make the most of every minute. They know that spending £500 on good advice can often mean saving £5,000 down the line.

We talk to you, find out how you’re living now and how you want to live. We edit down the design and style options, talking you through each one in person or in our online studio so you don’t waste precious time. Then, using our trusted and experienced craft and tradespeople, we make it all happen.

We won’t bombard you with CAD drawings or sample books. And you won’t end up with a soulless show home - just helped to articulate what you want, before we curate your options and decide together what works best. 

Here’s what a client in Dorset says about us

“I can honestly say that having Coral Interiors’ expertise feels like the best decision we could possibly have made in relation to our home. Initially it felt like a luxury and something 'other people' did; but we rationalised it by comparing the cost to the price of a holiday.”

We help homeowners with everything from re-designing a bedroom to project-managing their holiday or second home, or Air BnB accommodation. Our clients know that good design and top quality furnishings lead to 5* reviews and maxed-out bookings.

Hiring Coral Interiors minimises the stress and removes the decision paralysis that can come with renovating, extending or just moving into a new home.

We’ll produce the ideas that will save you space, time and money. You’ll achieve your dream property – on a budget that never goes out of control.

About Helen

“Life is so much easier in a space designed for you”

Helen is the founder and lead designer at Coral Interiors. She started work in investment banking IT in London, moving to Dorset 10 years ago to pursue her dream career in interior design.

Now she's one of the south coast’s leading interior designers and has won awards for her work. She finds her technical background a huge benefit as spreadsheets, communication, and people management are a major part of running a successful interior project.

She's a regular interiors agony aunt for, helping its audience solve their home issues and also does the same for Dorset’s House magazine. 

She's also very proud to be one of the UK’s first interior designers to be certified Vegan Interior Design UK

in vegan interior design. She offers this as a service to clients interested in cruelty-free materials and​ products.

Why 'Coral'?  Helen chose Coral Interiors to honour the fragile beauty of the marine ecosystems so under  threat from industrial fishing, plastics and pollution. We're proud to support the Marine Conservation Society.


Helen believes that when things are designed instinctively, paying attention to the way people actually live, life becomes easier. 

"Whenever I've redesigned my own home I found I had more time and less stress. I’ve noticed the same thing happens to my clients".

If you’re overwhelmed with interior decisions or don’t have the time to organise everything yourself, Helen and her team do the research and provide the sense check. We'll help you make choices that are perfect for you, your finances, and the way you live now.

 Here’s what one of our London clients says about working with us

“I was sceptical about using an interior designer because I thought I could probably pick colours and furnishings that would go well together myself. But I soon realised that doing this for one room is nowhere near as challenging as doing it for an entire cottage. Helen really understood my requirement, which was to create an aspirational holiday let. What I have loved most about working with her is that she knows what she is doing. Even when I changed my mind several times, I always ended up going back to what she first suggested.”